Bringing a Concern to the Committee

Members of the Princeton Community interested in bringing an issue to the Committee are invited to contact the Committee via email [email protected]

Please review the Committee guidelines when formulating your request for review of a particular issue. The Committee's process for considering issues related to socially responsible investment and other questions related to the procurement and management of the University’s financial resources is articulated in its guidelines.

Individuals and groups bringing issues to the Committee are asked to specifically address the guidelines:  is the issue of significant importance to the University community, and is there evidence of considerable and sustained campus interest; is a central University value at stake and is there a clear and explicit connection between the core values of the University and the specific issue; and is it possible to develop a consensus on a response? Please note that the Committee has no authority to reveal the University’s specific investments.

The Committee will consider requests at its earliest possible opportunity. It will acknowledge receipt of the request and provide information on next steps in a timely manner, typically within two weeks. Those raising an issue may be invited to participate in a discussion with the Committee. There is no specific timeline for reviewing and evaluating issues brought to the Committee, however the Committee does meet regularly throughout the academic year. The Committee reports annually, if not sooner, on the outcome of any deliberation, however given the guidelines requirement of sustained interest, most proposals will take more than one academic year to reach a conclusion.

If you have any questions about the guidelines or the process for bringing an issue to the Committee, please submit your question via the form below.